Mama Shakers Part One | Meet Hema Maurel

Mama Shakers Part One | Meet Hema Maurel

Hema Maurel with her daughter Ariaane

Since starting up Bird on the Buffalo, my eyes have opened up to a whole new world that includes some pretty spectacular, talented and clever people.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet the people I have and learn about their world and what has inspired them to get to where they are today.

I want to share some of their stories with you and so I have created the Mama Shakers series where I will be featuring some of these special people.

First up, I caught up with Hema Maurel. Not only is Hema a childhood friend, she is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Hema sat down with me recently to share her journey since becoming a mum, getting back into the workforce and now being on the board for a very worthy charity 'Share the Dignity' that helps empower women within the community in need. Take a read.

Mama Shaker | Hema Maurel

Tell us a little about your world?

I am a full time working mummy of a very sassy 2 and a half year old girl.  My husband and I both work full time in the medical industry, and we often have to travel for work.  My world is all about routine and to-do lists! We have learnt very quickly that it takes a village to raise a family and we are lucky enough to have a strong family support network which allows us to juggle our commitments, but some days I do struggle to keep all of the balls bouncing in the air! My priority is my daughter Ariaane and I only want to be the best I can be for her; she is my inspiration and my greatest achievement.

"it takes a village to raise a family"

How did you find the transition going back into the corporate world after having your first bub?  

My return to work wasn’t easy; my brain was ready but a piece of my heart remained with my little bubba.  She was 7 months when I returned to work but I realised very quickly that my priorities had changed. I wanted to ensure that I worked in an environment where i was respected for not only my professional skills but for being a mother too.  I steered my career down a different path at this point and took the plunge into a new job in search of a new challenge and most importantly for my own sense of happiness. Being overly organised has been key to making the transition go smoothly!


How did you discover Share the Dignity?

I am part of a group within my company who are focused on empowering women and working on gender equality in the workplace; that is changing the gender bias so that women are able to shatter the glass ceiling and achieve more.  We discovered Share the Dignity earlier this year when we researched ways in which we would contribute to helping women within our community to make a change in their status quo.

"we researched ways in which we would contribute to helping women within our community to make a change in their status quo."

Can you tell us more about it?

Share the Dignity is a charity group that was founded in Queensland By Rochelle Courtenay.  It is run Australia-wide by volunteers who help to ensure that everyone in life is afforded the same dignity that so many of us take for granted.  There is an alarming number of homeless people around Australia; in WA alone there are up to 9500; of which 44% are females.  Women who are on the streets due to homelessness, domestic violence or poverty.  These women are forced to endure their periods without sanitary items.  This isn’t something any woman should have to endure.  Share the Dignity provides these women with sanitary items, access to toiletries and shelters and support.

What can we do to help?

It is very easy and simple to help.  Next time any of you are at the chemist or supermarket picking up your own essential pack of tampons or pads ; grab an extra pack to donate.  There are collection points all around the State or get in touch with me for the #DignityDrive

Working full time, being a mum and wife, and volunteer work you sure are busy, how do you unwind at the end of the week and care for yourself?

I will be honest, I am high strung and on the go most of the time but nothing beats having time to myself when I get to go dance at a Jungle Body fitness class, attend a boxing class and gym sessions.  I make sure that there is always time for my workouts because that is my therapy and what makes me a happier mum and wifey. So that’s where you will find me at the end of the week; in my activewear with a big smile on my face through the sweat!

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To find out more about Share the Dignity, take a look at their website or check out the #DignityDrive.



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